• Modern Societies I [Syllabus]
  • Modern Societies II [Syllabus]
  • Politics, Law, and Finance [Syllabus]
  • Introduction to Research & Writing on Contemporary Policy Challenges [Syllabus]
  • Political Economy of Industrialized Countries [Syllabus]
  • Political Economy of Developing Countries [Syllabus]
  • Politics of International Finance [Syllabus]
  • Quantitative Analysis in Political Science [Syllabus]
  • Introduction to International Politics [Syllabus]

  • Philosophy of Science [Syllabus]
  • Introduction to Research and Writing on Contemporary Policy Challenges [Syllabus]
  • Political-Economic Theories [Syllabus]
  • Political Economy of Finance [Syllabus]
  • Political Economy of Natural Resources [Syllabus]
  • Graduate Teaching Seminar [Syllabus]

I have received several awards for teaching excellence. At the 
department-level, I won the “Comet Outstanding Teaching Award.” At the college-level, I received the “EPPS Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.” At the university-level, I was awarded the “President’s Teaching Teaching Excellence Award in Undergraduate Instruction.” At the level of State of Texas, I received the "Regents Outstanding Teaching Award" for teaching excellence among the 14 public universities of the University of Texas system (i.e. University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at Arlington, etc.).
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